About Us

IXTA Apparel has been a project that has been in the works for many years now without really knowing how it would develop. However, this pandemic has given us the time to really think how we wanted to execute this vision of creating something magical, something that would represent who we are and remind us of our roots.

Giving it thought after thought the vision got clearer and we knew exactly what we wanted this brand to be about. IXTA is a little piece of our culture, our roots, our upbringing, and a unity of two worlds.

 While brainstorming our main priority was to find a name that was unique but meaningful. We wanted our brand name to have meaning, represent our roots, be short and sweet. After some deep thought we went from Iskah to IXTA! Truth is there really isn’t a meaning behind our name, it just happened --- it was short, sweet and somehow reminded us of our surrounding pueblitos.

 IXTA Apparel is a Mexican owned brand that celebrates the beautiful cultura of being Latinx. Each piece has been designed with love and inspired by our upbringing, being bilingual, going from perreo to banda to R&B real quick y ni de aquí ni de allá. Our mission is to remind YOU that no dream is too big and if you can dream it you can achieve it, así que ponte las pilas y échale ganas!

Along the way we also hope to inspire, motivate and empower you one t-shirt, hat, and mug at a time. We’re here to cheer you on and remind you to own your cultura and be unapologetically yourself.  

May you wear your IXTA apparel pieces loud and proud!


Behind the Brand

Hola! I’m Yesica, the creator of IXTA Apparel. Una mujer Mexicana con muchos sueños and we’re just getting started. I’ve always been a visual person and very creative. Now I realize that I should have probably majored in graphic design yet I got my bachelor’s in journalism. I love creating whether it be writing a blog post, editing a website, shooting photos, editing a video and well now designing for IXTA. I truly believe that everything is possible con un poquito de amor y muchas ganas so here we are. I’m grateful for you and I hope you join us along this journey and watch us evolve. Thank you for your support!




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